Introducing the New Tyra Release

The new Tyra-version of GuardTools is now complete! It comes with 7 new components and many long-awaited  features to take GuardTools to the next level.

New Components

  • GuardTools Command & Control
  • GuardTools Admin Service
  • GuardTools Office Web
  • GuardTools SMS Service
  • GuardTools Auto Attest
  • GuardTools Invoice Processor
  • GuardTools Reports

New Features

  • Target times – to inform a guard working on an alarm how much time there is left until they must be at the alarm location.
  • Proximity alerts – to remind a guard with a started alarm to update the alarm’s status to On Location when close to the alarm location.
  • Patrol start reminders – to remind guards that a patrol should be started
  • Alarm dispatch to multiple guards and they can choose to accept or deny
  • Push-to-Talk integration – enabling digital voice communication
  • Instant messages between guards
  • Alarm chat between operators and all guards working on the alarm
  • Support for AMS, enabling many ARCs to send alarms to GuardTools
  • A colleagues tab in GuardTools Mobile that shows active guards in the region
  • GuardTools Alarm Service (GAS) can receive external alarms and assign a region to the alarm based on post code
  • Audit and attest on alarms
  • Cost centres
  • Alarm XML
  • Alarms can now be recalled or cancelled (as Recalling and cancelling alarms


  • Alarm Sender matching criteria on locations
  • Numerous bug fixes


GuardTools is the pioneering total solution system for the security industry, developed by Blue Mobile Systems.

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