Meet Us at SicherheitsExpo and Security Essen

Meet Us at SicherheitsExpo and Security Essen 1

Where are guard control systems going? This is something that many companies in Germany and elsewhere have been discussing lately. What started as the intention to do proof of presence electronically has grown over the years. Modern guard control systems now offer much more in terms of functionality. However, documentation is still one of the main functionalities. In addition to documenting presence, this primarily concerns the documentation of events. The challenge facing systems is to make this documentation user-friendly and efficient.

In addition, there is a requirement for automation. This offers the possibility of creating automated reports from the recorded events and making them available to end customers and managers. They get an overview of the current situation in real-time or can evaluate the data statistically afterwards and use it as a base for future decisions.

In the area of alarm tracking it is also conceivable, for example, to have the alarms assigned to the intervention teams automatically according to adjustable criteria. This would save a considerable amount of time.

How this can be realized you will learn from us at the booth!

Meet Us in Munich or Essen

Visit us at SICHERHEITSEXPO in Munich (29-30 June) and at SECURITY ESSEN (20-23 September). Schedule a meeting with us and get a free ticket to the fair. Just send an email to You don’t have time to visit one of the fairs? No problem. You can learn more about our system at, or you can subscribe to our newsletter and we will always keep you updated on the ongoing developments. We are looking forward to meet you there!


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