The Future of Manned Guarding

Imagine five years from now. Do you think a traditional guard tour system will be enough to win a manned guarding contract?


The Future of
Manned Guarding

Imagine five years from now. What do you think it will take to win a manned guarding contract?

Long-term questions like these are rare in the industry. Companies often make short-term decisions just to stay above water. It’s time to start thinking ahead.

In the future, clients will ask for more than bare bones proof-of-presence reports. Guards will want to do more than just scan bar codes. Let’s start moving towards the future with more than just a guard tour system.

Not Just a Guard Tour System

We have spent decades on researching the industry to develop the ultimate digital guarding system. This is the guard tour system that we always dreamed about when we worked as guards. And now GuardTools has grown into much more than that.

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Every Guard’s Best Friend

Guarding is easier, safer and more fulfilling with our guarding app. Innovative functions and smart design gives a solid lone worker patrol system. Now guards are free to focus on what really matters.

More Data, Better Decisions

All your activities are logged and visualized as beautiful graphs. Use the data for real-time situational awareness and long-term proactive strategies.

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Reports That Clients Love

Use the automatic report system to deliver customized reports to each client. Make it easy for them to see the quality of your work.

The Total Solution System

Connect all the roles of your business in one complete system, making sure that all tasks get done. Fewer mistakes, less stress and peace of mind.

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The GuardTools System

GuardTools is an operations support system (OSS) with five tools, seamlessly connected for your convenience. You can use all of them, or just a few — GuardTools scales to your situation.

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Manned Guarding

A basic GuardTools setup for manned guarding involves two tools: Mobile for patrols and Office for organization and administration. Command & Control is our alarm receiving centre with powerful and visual features to take charge of your operations.

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Mobile is our app with smart functionalities to make guarding easier, safer and more fulfilling. It is made to be as clear and simple as possible, which makes it quick to learn and fast to use. With Mobile, guards always know what they need to do next.

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At the heart of the GuardTools system is Office, where you keep all the information about your operations. Powerful automatic invoicing, customizable reports and intuitive user interfaces are just some of the qualities that Office users enjoy.

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GuardTools helps you to register plenty of data about your operations, and Web is the tool where you put that data to work. You and your clients can access it immediately to increase your awareness and make proactive decisions for a better future.

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Static Guarding

For your static sites, Static Guarding lets you organize, evaluate and administer your work. This is where you keep all the information about your site and your patrols, giving you an unparalleled overview of your operations.

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Command & Control

Our alarm receiving centre creates a deep digital connection between the ARC and the field. Real-time interactive maps and smart automation makes this a game changer for alarm receiving centres.

Four Reasons to Choose GuardTools

The real edge of GuardTools is that it can be adapted to your specific conditions. The best way to understand it, is to book a demo and see for yourself. However, there are four fundamental KPIs that almost all our clients have improved with GuardTools.

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Get New Clients

Offer potential clients more and better services than your competitors.
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Next-Level Reporting

Increase the quality and efficiency of your reports with GuardTools.
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Prove Your Value

GuardTools makes it easy to see why your work makes a difference.
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Increase Profitability

Higher efficiency and better quality in less time means profitability.

We Use GuardTools