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GuardTools Mobile (GTM) is a world-leading mobile app for guards that makes the job easier, safer and more fulfilling. We designed the app after years of ethnographic research where we asked questions such as..

Can we get more information
from the guards?
Can reports become statistical data?
Could an app improve both quality
and efficiency?
The answer is yes to all these questions.
Let us explain.

Better Reporting

Reporting with GTM is both fast and easy due to the interface of the app. It helps guards to report more: as much as 11 times more in some cases. This makes it more fun for the guard and of course leads to better data. You could say that a guard with GTM is a better guard.


Reports can be done with only a few clicks


Report with your voice using our speech-to-text technology


Use photos and other media

Better Instructions

All the information that the guard needs is instantly accessible in GTM. The guard always knows what to do next with the help of barcodes, NFC-tags, QR-codes and beacons. No task will ever be forgotten again!

Lone Worker Protection


Location monitoring


Automatic alerts to the ARC


Panic alarm


Push-to-Talk (PTT), SMS, chat


Shift reminders


Quick access to the alarm operator

Quality Data

Our events and actions system makes it faster for the guard to report. At the same time, it maximizes the statistical use of the reports: the validity and reliability of the data. You will always know what was done where, by who, and when.

SLA Konformität

GuardTools leverages the importance of contracts and service level agreements (SLA) by helping you to implement it throughout the system. It is easy to set up instructions, events and actions so that the guard will always follow the SLA.

Empowering the User


Easy to learn


Quick to use


Always know what to do next


Never forget a task


Download the app at Google Play and contact us to learn how to use it.

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