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GuardTools Command & Control (GTCC) is a groundbreaking software that combines work force management, alarm monitoring and dispatching.

Next Level Situational Awareness

Guards and operators who collaborate through GTCC can reach new levels of situational awareness. Seamless contact between the operator and the guard is maintained via Push-to-Talk, chat and alerts. Operators follow and assist the guards with real-time information and always know the current status.

  • Interactive maps
  • Automatic alerts in case of anomalies
  • Communication with PTT, chat, SMS
Command & Control 2

Flawless Information Flows

GuardTools has a dedicated API for posting alarms called GuardTools Alarm Service, GAS. The API is open for external integration using either GuardTools’ proprietary alarm protocol or AMS. The service is only accessed with the right credentials, and it is possible to activate features such as IP filtering or VPN tunnels when required. All traffic is encrypted.

  • Smart automatization
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Highly detailed logs
  • IP-filtering and VPN tunnels when required

Rapid Dispatch Capability

There are several different views and queues in GTCC, so that the operator never misses any important information. Alarms can be dispatched automatically or manually by the operator. The response can be based on factors such as the guard’s proximity to the alarm, whether they have an access key or not, or a combination of multiple factors. Guards who respond to the alarm can then be followed in real-time in GTCC.

Lone Worker Support

GTCC monitors each person in the field and alerts the operator if something is wrong. With the built-in voice communication the operator can immediately call the person or listen in to a panic alarm, while dispatching help to the guard’s live-tracked position.

Reliable Reporting

GuardTools logs all actions in an alarm, which makes it easy to analyze and report. When the alarm investigation is marked as complete, the end client can be informed via mail, GuardTools Web or as XML for automatic invoice processing.

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