Time to Take Control

As Chief Security Officer you want to have as much control as possible. Now you can.

Time to Take Control

As Chief Security Officer you want to have as much control as possible. Now you can.

GuardTools is the only digital security system based on three decades of guarding experience, scientific research and operational testing. It is an out-of-the-box solution with unparalleled reliability that finally gives you the control that you need.

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Simplified Guarding

Guarding is easier, safer and more fulfilling with our guarding app. Innovative functions and smart design lets any guard focus on what’s important.

Putting You in Control

If you want more control, GuardTools is the solution for you. By owning the data and the infrastructure, the power is in your hands — not the contractor’s.

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Smart Automation

Our automation removes time-consuming manual tasks and dramatically reduces the risk for mistakes. That means better working conditions, quality and efficiency.

The Total Solution System

Plan, organize and manage all your operations. Visualize work shifts and scheduled tasks and automate customized reports — all in one place.

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The GuardTools System

GuardTools currently consists of five core applications. They can be combined according to your needs and integrated with other software systems.

GuardTools Mobile

Mobile app to report from the field

GuardTools Web

Web portal for statistics

GuardTools Command & Control

Alarms and workforce management

GuardTools Static Guarding

Specialized for protecting static sites

GuardTools Office

Administrative and data organization

GuardTools Mobile is the perfect tool for field workers, guards, volunteers and others who report from the field. It is quick and efficient, and all events and actions are stored securely in the cloud and visualized as statistics in GuardTools Web. This is an ideal tool to meet the requirements for documentation and accountability, and to answer questions from the police, insurance companies and others.

GuardTools Office works as the backbone of the system. This is where you add and manage data and information. GuardTools Command & Control connects the field workers with an alarm operator for an unparalleled real-time situational awareness. Finally, GuardTools Static Guarding is designed specifically for protecting static sites.

Four Reasons to Choose GuardTools

GuardTools is not a budget solution, but a powerful system that saves you time, energy and money. There are four fundamental KPIs that our clients improve.

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SLA Compliance

GuardTools ensures that you follow the Service Level Agreement in each and every detail.
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Increased Control

The driver’s seat is for your CSO, not the contractor. Your business, your decisions.
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Connecting to Other Software

Our API makes it easy to integrate GuardTools with your favourite software systems.
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Data for Better Decisions

Quality risk management requires quality data, and GuardTools has plenty of it.

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