21st Century ARC

GuardTools is the first system in the world with a profound digital connection between the alarm receiving centre (ARC) and the field.

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The 21st Century Alarm Center
GuardTools is the first system in the world with a profound digital connection between the alarm receiving centre (ARC) and the field.

A Game Changer

After many years of working in the field and conducting scientific research, we saw that the gap between the field and the alarm center caused both confusion and inefficiency. We wanted to bring the people in the field closer to the alarm operators, to enable new forms of collaboration and communication. GuardTools is the first system in the world to do this, which is why we call it a game changer.

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Digital Done Right

No one else has our level of experience, research and development when it comes to digital security systems for guarding and alarms. We know how to build reliable and user-friendly systems that really make a difference.

Situational Awareness

GuardTools helps operators to make faster and better-informed decisions by presenting accessible and accurate real-time information.

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Smart Automation

Automation removes time-consuming manual tasks and reduces risks. The autopilot helps the operators with suggestions and can run autonomously.

The Total Solution System

We support all roles and tasks of modern security work. That makes it easier for you to connect your ARC with other systems.

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The GuardTools System

GuardTools currently consists of five core applications. They can be combined according to your needs and integrated with other software systems.

GuardTools Mobile

Mobile app to report from the field

GuardTools Web

Web portal for statistics

GuardTools Command & Control

Alarms and workforce management

GuardTools Static Guarding

Specialized for protecting static sites

GuardTools Office

Administrative and data organization

GuardTools Mobile is the perfect tool for field workers, guards, volunteers and others who report from the field. It is quick and efficient, and all events and actions are stored securely in the cloud and visualized as statistics in GuardTools Web. This is an ideal tool to meet the requirements for documentation and accountability, and to answer questions from the police, insurance companies and others.

GuardTools Office works as the backbone of the system. This is where you add and manage data and information. GuardTools Command & Control connects the field workers with an alarm operator for an unparalleled real-time situational awareness. Finally, GuardTools Static Guarding is designed specifically for protecting static sites.

Four Reasons to Choose GuardTools

Improved Risk Management

More knowledge means better planning, results and investments.

Cost Efficiency

Optimized and fact-based resource management lowers your costs.

Smart Automation

Improve efficiency and quality and support decision-making in hectic situations.

Reliable Data Handling

GuardTools logs everything necessary to follow rules and regulations.

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