We Are Blue Mobile Systems and We Make GuardTools

The story of GuardTools begins in the 1990’s.
A young guard named Peter Andreasson started dreaming about making his job easier with a digital security system.

To realize his dreams, Andreasson went back to school to study software development and do the groundwork for GuardTools. He wrote his master thesis in collaboration with the Head of Security at Falck (now G4S).

Scientific Research

In 2002, Andreasson was asked to join the research group Public Safety at the Swedish ITC Viktoria (now RISE). He performed extensive ethnographic studies on manned guarding and focused on how mobile technologies could support the daily work.

Almost three years of research in the field taught Peter plenty about how people work, what they need, and what the problems were. He identified three problematic areas in the industry:

*Quality assurance

The Formative Years

Blue Mobile Systems was founded in 2004 to develop GuardTools and address these problems. Nokas and SBT (now Cubsec) were our first clients and for the next ten years we had a small team of dedicated developers working on GuardTools.

The Next Level

In 2016 we gained several international clients and noticed more and more interest in our service. The security industry seemed to finally be ready for digitalization and innovation. Blue Mobile Systems expanded by hiring more exmployees, focusing more on design, and make plans for the future. It was time for the next level.

A Better Security Industry for Everyone

We still follow the vision that our CEO had while working as a guard in the 1990’s. We want to contribute to making the security industry better. Not just for guards or CEOs, but for everyone working in the industry, their clients and the general public. We envision a better security industry for everyone.

Awards & Honours


Security Company of the Year

“The unique solution, the proven knowledge, the strong commitment and the honest ambition creates not only determination, but also demand and thus success.”


Most Exciting Growth Company for Venture Capital

Most Exciting Growth Company for Venture Capital, Connect Capital Award Competing with 200 other participants from the West of Sweden.


“Sweden’s Fastest Rising Star in Technology”

Sweden’s Fastest Rising Star in Technology, Deloitte



“The company is estimated become a future growth company.”